A tool for quickly authoring hand poses to objects in VR using hand-tracking
HandPosing Namespace Reference


class  AnchorsUpdateNotifier
 Utility to manually trigger the update of the hand puppet system. Since the puppet must run after the hands have been moved natively, implement this to enforce the order. More...
class  BoneMap
 Stores the translation between hand tracked data and the represented bone. More...
class  HandMap
 A special mapping for the base of the hand, indicating the position and rotation difference between the hand-tracking system and its controller representation. More...
class  BoneCollection
 A collection of bone maps to transform between hand-tracking data and their representation. Implements ISerializationCallbackReceiver to be able to store data as a Dictionary that survives serialization callbacks. More...
struct  BonePose
 Data indicating the rotation of a bone from a hand. More...
struct  HandPose
 Data for the pose of a hand in space. More...
class  HandPuppet
 This class controls the representation of a hand (typically a skin-mesh renderer) by moving its position/rotation and the rotations of the bones that compose it. More...
struct  ScoredHandPose
 A merge between a HandPose and the score indicating how good it is for snapping an object. More...
class  PoseUtils
 Tools for working with Unity Poses


enum class  BoneId {
  Invalid , Hand_Start , Hand_Thumb0 , Hand_Thumb1 ,
  Hand_Thumb2 , Hand_Thumb3 , Hand_Index1 , Hand_Index2 ,
  Hand_Index3 , Hand_Middle1 , Hand_Middle2 , Hand_Middle3 ,
  Hand_Ring1 , Hand_Ring2 , Hand_Ring3 , Hand_Pinky0 ,
  Hand_Pinky1 , Hand_Pinky2 , Hand_Pinky3
 Valid identifiers for the bones of a hand. More...
enum class  Handeness { Left , Right }
 Handeness of a hand. More...
enum class  SnapDirection { Any , Forward , Backward , None }
 Direction at which the a snap happened. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ BoneId

enum HandPosing.BoneId

Valid identifiers for the bones of a hand.

◆ Handeness

enum HandPosing.Handeness

Handeness of a hand.

◆ SnapDirection

Direction at which the a snap happened.