A tool for quickly authoring hand poses to objects in VR using hand-tracking
HandPosing.TrackingData.ExtrapolationTrackingCleaner Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for HandPosing.TrackingData.ExtrapolationTrackingCleaner:
HandPosing.TrackingData.SkeletonDataDecorator HandPosing.TrackingData.SkeletonDataProvider


override BonePose[] Fingers [get]
override BonePose Hand [get]
- Properties inherited from HandPosing.TrackingData.SkeletonDataDecorator
override bool IsTracking [get]
override? float HandScale [get]
- Properties inherited from HandPosing.TrackingData.SkeletonDataProvider
abstract bool IsTracking [get]
 True is the tracking data has been initialised and it is estable. More...
abstract BonePose[] Fingers [get]
 Collection of received fingers, in local coordinates More...
abstract BonePose Hand [get]
 Hand start pose, in global coordinates More...
virtual ? float HandScale [get]
 Detected scale of the hand. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from HandPosing.TrackingData.SkeletonDataDecorator
override bool IsHandHighConfidence ()
override bool IsFingerHighConfidence (BoneId bone)
- Public Attributes inherited from HandPosing.TrackingData.SkeletonDataProvider
System.Action OnInitialized
System.Action< float > OnUpdated
- Protected Attributes inherited from HandPosing.TrackingData.SkeletonDataDecorator
SkeletonDataProvider wrapee

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