A tool for quickly authoring hand poses to objects in VR using hand-tracking
HandPosing.SnapSurfaces Namespace Reference


class  BoxSurfaceData
class  BoxSurface
 This SnapSurface defines a Rectangle around which the grip point is valid. Since the grip point might be offset from the fingers, a valid range for each opposite side of the rectangle can be set so the grabbing fingers are constrained to the object bounds. More...
class  CylinderSurfaceData
class  CylinderSurface
 This type of surface defines a cylinder in which the grip pose is valid around an object. An angle can be used to constrain the cylinder and not use a full circle. The radious is automatically specified as the distance from the axis of the cylinder to the original grip position. More...
class  SnapSurfaceData
 A serializable data-only version of the Surface data so it can be storef if it was generated during Play-Mode. More...
class  SnapSurface
 Especifies a surface around a Snappable in which a hand can snap to. SnapSurfaces are an optional property of SnapPoints and they actually define all the valid points for the Grip of the hand to snap to the object with the same HandPose. More...
class  SphereSurfaceData
class  SphereSurface
 Especifies an entire sphere around an object in which the grip point is valid. More...